About Us


Humble Beginnings:


As our name suggests, we first entered the market as specialist diamond dealers in Pretoria in 1967.

Great Expectations:

Soon after our market entry we identified the need for reputable jewellery manufacturing and retail offering, and since then we’ve been doing just that! Our vision back then was to provide clients with products of an international standard, and service so typically personal of a family-orientated, proudly South African business.

How We Do It:

Bresco Diamonds is managed and owned by a second generation of jewellery experts that believe in attention to detail, personal service and the value of passing on sound advice when you purchase our diamonds and jewellery.

Our Silver Lining:

For over 30 years, we have been one of a handful of businesses serving on the panels of all prominent short-term insurers, assessors and claims administration businesses in the greater Pretoria area. What this means to you, is that Bresco Diamonds not only makes your special moments memorable, but we take care of our customers in those troublesome times when you have to replace sentimental and valuable jewellery.

BEEE Status:

In 2005 Bresco Diamonds implemented a broad-based BEE structure and is an accredited B-BBEE level 4 company.

Hearts of Gold:

Whilst our clients invest in jewels and gems, we believe in investing our time and resources in diamonds of another nature. Bresco Diamonds takes great pride in sustainably supporting causes we believe make a positive impact on the future of our country. Some of our Social Responsibility investments go to:

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