Exercise caution when purchasing diamonds and diamond jewellery over the Internet.

  • 2013-12-04


The Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa has issued a warning ahead of the Festive Season cautioning consumers of possible fraudulent Internet transactions when purchasing diamonds or diamond jewellery over the internet.

Several cases have been brought to the attention of the Diamond Dealers Club’s recently relating to over-classification and over-pricing. A number of purchases even contained official certification with descriptions which were far from truthful. These inaccurate descriptions amount to fraud which can be criminally prosecuted.

During a recent incident, the Diamond Dealers Club assisted a buyer in obtaining an independent classification by a reputable diamond certification laboratory which leads to the sale being cancelled and a full refund made.

“Consumers should preferably see what is being bought and decide whether he/she is completely satisfied before committing to a purchase,” says Ernie Blom, chairman of the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa. “In addition, consumers should only buy from online jewellers who belong to an accredited trade body such as the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa or the Jewellery Council of South Africa. The description of the item must be recorded on the invoice. He/she therefore has a right of recourse via such body which exercises jurisdiction over its members’ actions”.

“The Diamond Dealers Club of South supports Internet purchasing and believes that this sector of the retail market is and will continue to be part of the future growth of the industry, however, we ask consumers to always exercise caution and only buy from reputable businesses.”