So many rings, so little time…

  • 2015-04-21


2015-04-15 11.37.13-2

Design and manufacture a custom made engagement ring with the help of one of Bresco Diamonds talented designers. A ring to that will epitomise your style, that will reflect your personality, but that will match your taste and budget too!

We invite you to meet with one of our designers, who will assist you in choosing the perfect stone, and by listening to what you say, and what you like, will design a ring that will be unequivocally you.

After the meeting, the designer will create a resin model, like the rings on the image above, which will be an exact replica of what your ring will look like. After you’ve fitted the resin model, and are happy with the design, it will take approximately 10-15 work days to manufacture the ring and set the stones.

You are even welcome to come in and watch the artisan diamond setter set your diamond. What a special experience!
So contact the friendly team at Bresco Diamonds today to arrange an appointment.

012 998 3159 or email