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Certified Loose Diamonds

Browse these selected Certified Loose Diamonds to find one that best suits your pocket. The diamonds listed here were available at the time of listing. Should a stone no longer be available, we’ll endeavour to find you the perfect alternative. Get in touch!

Diamond Engagement rings

We also include in this section, a few diamond engagement rings that are seriously competitively priced. If you do not immediately find a ring that tickles your fancy, remember our team of master goldsmiths can produce virtually any jewellery item available on this planet… Impressive, no? Feel free to contact us with your idea, picture and budget.

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Diamond Shapecarat-weightDiamond ColourDiamond ClarityCertificateRef NrPriceDetailsprice_hsort
0.39 caratFBAG042R7 485Show details7485
0.73 caratFBAG7473R32 575Show details32575
0.4 caratDDYC40R10 335Show details10335
0.8 caratNDYOV152R48 188Show details48188
0.81 caratDDY17AR41 974Show details41974
0.92 caratDDYF20AR33 464Show details33464
0.94 caratFCUS91891R59 050Show details59050
1.02 caratNDY245AR61 798Show details61798
1.04 caratFCUS9568R60 457Show details60457
1.04 caratFCUS9301R46 293Show details46293
0.4 caratDYTPEM70BR6 201Show details6201
0.81 caratFEM80854R36 593Show details36593
0.72 caratFOV0622R13 580Show details13580
0.81 caratFOV6566R17 938Show details17938
0.4 caratFOV9490R12 018Show details12018
0.7 caratFOV9957R20 462Show details20462
0.72 caratFOV1450R38 347Show details38347
0.74 caratFOV3280R39 412Show details39412
1.01 caratFOV8145R57 315Show details57315
1.03 caratFOV2029R80 480Show details80480
1.01 caratFOV7424R39 142Show details39142
0.41 carat41R13 771Show details13771
0.43 carat43R13 332Show details13332
0.52 caratFPS0002R25 526Show details25526
0.81 caratPR8931R19 059Show details19059
0.98 caratFPR2218R50 187Show details50187
1.5 caratDJDF1902B.R145 495Show details145495
0.82 caratFPR5658R38 588Show details38588
0.83 caratFPR9153R44 803Show details44803
0.88 caratFPR6810R23 142Show details23142
0.4 caratFPR40627R10 541Show details10541
0.5 caratFPR06123R21 638Show details21638
0.5 caratFPR5256R15 502Show details15502
1 caratFPR9645R74 925Show details74925
1.01 caratFRD9132R65 908Show details65908
1.08 caratFRD9740R62 782Show details62782
1.21 caratFRD9852R77 798Show details77798
0.46 caratRBJ988R14 644Show details14644
1.11 caratNDY6038R125 980Show details125980
1.51 caratBR0286R156 748Show details156748
0.45 caratRB6061R11 834Show details11834
0.5 caratRBJ889R15 917Show details15917
0.5 caratRB3011R17 301Show details17301
0.5 caratRBJ691R15 225Show details15225
0.54 caratRB267R17 938Show details17938
0.6 caratRB0530R21 592Show details21592
0.7 caratRBJ162R28 097Show details28097
1.28 caratRBMK128R141 731Show details141731
1.53 caratBR0221R173 648Show details173648
0.71 caratRB4227R28 498Show details28498
0.43 caratRB9021R8 927Show details8927
0.51 caratRB0271R14 118Show details14118
0.55 caratRB5601R15 986Show details15986
0.56 caratRBJ276R14 727Show details14727
1.01 caratRB2142R74 090Show details74090
1.12 caratRB6984R88 360Show details88360
1.12 caratRB1543R74 409Show details74409
1.37 caratFLY465AR113 772Show details113772
2.02 caratBR0625R195 710Show details195710
0.7 caratRB6904R21 315Show details21315
0.36 caratHO31717R6 478Show details6478
0.39 caratRB3919R6 478Show details6478
0.39 caratHO34276R7 017Show details7017
0.46 caratHO42409R8 277Show details8277
0.47 carat1001R8 457Show details8457
0.6 caratRB0367R15 779Show details15779
1 caratRB9965R59 516Show details59516
1.02 caratRB0352R55 059Show details55059
1.03 caratRB0572R61 301Show details61301
1.21 caratRB2224R75 364Show details75364
0.38 caratRB0335R11 417Show details11417
0.4 caratRB778R9 833Show details9833
0.5 caratRBJ644R19 802Show details19802
0.52 caratHO53029R24 855Show details24855
1.14 caratNDM3BR140 114Show details140114
1.39 caratNDY7720R193 620Show details193620
0.91 caratRB1370R34 007Show details34007
1.02 caratRB7554R83 577Show details83577
1.5 caratRB6910R87 198Show details87198
1.51 caratRB4959R79 419Show details79419
0.5 caratRB2568R20 881Show details20881
0.52 caratHO58644R28 722Show details28722
0.52 caratRB5220R14 203Show details14203
0.55 caratRB5540R25 933Show details25933
0.74 caratHO71673R36 886Show details36886
0.9 caratDYF2AR58 198Show details58198
0.9 caratRB2894R50 923Show details50923
1 caratRB2209R102 386Show details102386
1.13 caratNDM3AR144 620Show details144620
1 caratRB1252R94 303Show details94303
0.38 caratRB32R9 727Show details9727
0.73 caratDYR0016R31 470Show details31470
0.9 caratBR91529R44 861Show details44861
1 caratRB6902R114 270Show details114270
1.1 caratRB0027R88 914Show details88914
1 caratRB0144R93 011Show details93011
1.01 caratRB8600R144 937Show details144937
1.01 caratRB8129R93 941Show details93941
1.01 caratRB3297R77 557Show details77557
1.6 caratRB6569R301 886Show details301886
0.4 caratRBJ652R14 882Show details14882
0.4 caratRB1518R12 756Show details12756
0.4 caratRBJ571R11 161Show details11161
0.41 caratRBJ416R11 440Show details11440
0.41 caratRBJ186R9 806Show details9806
0.42 caratBR4270R15 626Show details15626
0.52 caratRB1958R22 801Show details22801
0.52 caratHO51211R16 582Show details16582
1.04 caratRB9388R140 951Show details140951
1 caratRB8424R85 038Show details85038
0.39 caratRB3930R12 595Show details12595
0.4 caratRB3387.R12 401Show details12401
0.44 caratHO5634R18 757Show details18757
0.73 caratHO71782R22 309Show details22309
0.7 caratRB4763R22 323Show details22323
0.72 caratRB0875R19 134Show details19134
0.75 caratRB1612R22 921Show details22921
0.9 caratRB8954R32 288Show details32288
1 caratRB0322R90 427Show details90427
1 caratRB283R90 427Show details90427
0.42 caratRBMK421R15 734Show details15734
1 caratRB100R124 014Show details124014
1.6 caratDGDS2R367 909Show details367909
1 caratRB1799R139 516Show details139516
1.01 caratRB6973R91 331Show details91331
1.01 caratRB9000R91 331Show details91331
1.01 caratRB6739R91 331Show details91331
1.02 caratRB6909R92 236Show details92236
1.05 caratRB2458R146 492Show details146492
1.3 caratRB0119R181 371Show details181371
0.5 caratRB5045R32 000Show details32000
1.01 caratRB5378R62 627Show details62627
1.01 caratRB3735R49 580Show details49580
1.03 caratNDY264R135 718Show details135718
1.51 caratBR00593R210 669Show details210669
2.01 caratDG201R252 978Show details252978
0.37 caratRB0883R11 471Show details11471
1.14 caratRB3363R91 558Show details91558
1.53 caratRB8460R122 542Show details122542